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The Guide of Elected Officials, term of office 2010-2016, is for newly elected board members of Medicis, mutual insurance company dedicated to independent workers retirement.
80 pages of information on the political and administrative function of the company, on the regulation of products, and the rights and obligations of elected officials.

Nodrama did the layout, graphics and document production with digital printing using HP Indigo technology.

An essential document, fluid and legible - illustrated with the Shadoks.



DSO-Interactive consulted us to redesign its corporate brochure. Inspired by the clear and comprehensive description of their approach, we designed and proposed LA METHODE® DSO-INTERACTIVE for branding this approach which is the heart of their business.

Immediately adopted to promote their services, we continued with the logo, corporate brochure and web-design for their new website.


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With Maple, an upscale Parisian furniture store, operations and promotions happen all through the year. Here is the Sale of January 2013, applied in emailing, direct marketing and banner on the website (but also showcases, ads, window decor...).

As of April 2014, Maple closed its doors after 113 years in the Paris Opera quarter. For us, our 15 year collaboration with Maple came to a close but leaves an immense archive of work and collaboration, not to mention an incredible work experience - precious for the insight and confidence this has brought to our agency.

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Catella Residential created a new brand in 2010, LIMMEUBLE.COM, as a website to host and market exceptional properties. To illustrate this concept in outstanding real estate, Nodrama proposed the creation of a film; a film that evokes the rare beauty and emblematic status of a city both mythical and real... a film about Paris.

Fruit of a rich and constructive dialogue, the result showcases the beautiful stone, architectural beauty, love and dreamlike quality of the city - in 2 min. 30.
Produced in February 2011.





Coffim (in partnership with Eiffage Ile-de-France) commissioned us to market the real estate program 50LAPLACE in Arcueil. We started in June 2012 with a first meeting to determine the strategic plan, which included several non-media supports. By the end of July 2012, the program was launched.

Direct Marketing
First action: a letter to the inhabitants of Arcueil, distributed in 9000 mailboxes to inform them first hand of the residence. Creating the document, which also includes the creation of the program's logo, needed to be done quickly: copywriting, followed by a
paper proposal for the letter and the envelope. We had two weeks to complete the operation: the graphic design, printing and distribution.

4x3m billboard
Second action: a 4x3m billboard on the construction site. The placement of a billboard on site is sometimes complicated. The terrain, the orientation of the street and the construction does not always facilitate the installation... After a visit with our supplier, we found the most advantageous solution with a pose on the gable in front of the old building .

The mini-site was released at the same time that the billboard was installed: planning required this, as the site address is on the billboard. An essential tool, the mini-site provides all the information about the program and allows the downloading of documents (apartment plans, etc.). Generatng contacts (with the request form), we noted more than 1,000 visits in the first month, and an average of 600 visits per month during the year.

Sales Office
For the exterior of the sales office, the decoration was classic: Design, manufacture and installation of a vertical kakemono and a 4x3m  billboard, with a nameplate on the door . A large display scroll, displaying the future residence, was also made - all delivered and installed the same day.

For the brochure, our services included copywriting, a half day of shooting in Arcueil, creating the plan for access, design and layout,
paper proposal and printing.

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8sens creates and edits management software since 2005. In full boom for the last several years, the issue of redesigning their identity surfaced. The redesign was quickly extended to the packaging and website, and we were happy to accept the commission.

How can we express 'high tech' and 'friendly' at the same time, without looking like a video game?
Nodrama found the solution with an original design, just like their products:

  • A dynamic symbol that reminds us of a link (links, connections , communication ...) , and also evokes an "8" and "S" characters.
  • Lettering derived from the symbol

Website / Packaging
Just like 8sens software, the site had to be efficient: a clean interface and a flexible use . The solution follows the logic of the logo, expressing both 'high tech' and 'friendly'.

The creation of 3D packaging gives life to the software range and enhances the attractiveness of the products : quality, refinement and precision.


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